After years of hard work, planning, and finding that perfect spot, you’re finally ready to start building the home of your dreams. You’ve certainly picked a perfect spot. Southwest Florida is not just obviously beautiful, but it’s growing out rather than up, giving residents and guests the luxury of option without overcrowding.

We have dozens of custom home plans slide across our desks every week. Each project is another exciting task that we can sink our teeth into. We’ll take care of the heavy lifting, you just make sure every piece works with your vision.

Custom homes are extravagant projects that should be given the care and meticulous planning it deserves. Just because we’re taking care of you doesn’t mean you should be booted out of the process. At T. Jerulle Construction, we like all of our customers to be involved in any way they would like. Whether you just want a few updates here and there, or you want to track every piece of the puzzle, our team accommodates your every wish.

To break our process down into bite-sized pieces, we’ve created a peek into the TJC approach and what you should expect from a custom home builder.

Meet the Team

T. Jerulle Construction has a combined 80 years of experience in luxurious residential and commercial buildings, communities, and properties. At TJC, we are a full-service firm founded to provide a personalized approach to construction and development. From conceptualization to completion, we work with our clients every step of the way to provide premiere residences, commercial and retail construction, as well as mixed-use and multi-family residences. T. Jerulle Construction understands that a building is more than just a place to live, work, and play.

Before you choose the right team for your project, make sure to do your research. Custom home building is an extensive project that shouldn’t be gambled with. This is your dream home, after all!

Choose custom home builders that have:

  • Experience
  • Reputable References
  • Work Portfolio

Home construction doesn’t happen overnight. You will be communicating with the team of your choice for weeks. Choose a team that not only matches your criteria but is also easy to work with.

Trust us, it makes a difference!

The T. Jerulle Approach

Every project is unique and we welcome this with open arms! At T. Jerulle Construction, we meet every project with a renewed sense of purpose. Each new project is a creative slate wiped clean so that we approach each project with fresh eyes and excitement. We work with some of the most talented people in Southwest Florida, and building and design practices are incorporated by the best architectural minds in the state. We are an award-winning team that is renowned for bringing drawings to life.

Our success is thanks to an incredible team, careful planning, and great resources.

The Construction Process

Our construction team uses the finest, most durable materials in the industry. All of our homes are built to the Southwest Florida standard, which includes premiere safety regulations. T. Jerulle Construction has produced luxury Naples homes, condominiums, and various other home creations.

T. Jerulle Construction is committed to quality home construction services and practices. Our team combines traditional practices with modern adaption, the latest technology, and our patented techniques. No matter the scale of the project, our team ensures affordability, excellent workmanship, and superior methods to give you a home to be proud of.

Steps towards your Custom Home:

You have the team, the vision…now what?

T. Jerulle has outlined a very basic idea of what clients may expect when it comes to their new home endeavor. As always, each project is different and these steps may not apply to ever custom home.

  1. Consultation Meeting: We will schedule a meeting with the client to discuss their vision, goals, and timeline. During this meeting you will have a chance to meet our team and ask questions.
  2. Home Site Selection or Visit: Where is will this custom home grace Southwest Florida? We can’t wait to see it!
  3. Lot Evaluation: Our team and appropriate professionals will evaluate the space and discuss the best method of approach.
  4. Meeting with Architect: We work with the most talented architects in Southwest Florida. Together, with their help, we will create a one-of-a-kind home to fit your needs.
  5. Planning: An important part of our process, planning includes the Site Plan, specifications, signing the contract, construction drawings, permits, etc.
  6. Lot Clearing: So it begins! The lot is cleared as the first step in the building process.
  7. Foundation: A solid foundation is the base of every project, figuratively and literally!
  8. Framing: Here comes the solid frames. The home begins to take place and your dream becomes a semblance of reality.
  9. Mechanics: Our team helps your custom home get connected!
  10. Wall Finish: When the walls come up, your custom home finally has it’s shape.
  11. Interior: Design takes the wheel with interior design, style, and all the intricate details that make it a home.
  12. Installations (Fixtures): Every home needs the necessary installations.
  13. Completion: The home will be officially completed after several checks, walk-throughs, and approvals.

T. Jerulle Construction understands the issues that can come along with building constructions and we are prepared to diagnose and resolve your building concerns. Our diagnostic team is trained and experienced in building issues such as; HVAC issues, damaging leaks, air movement/air pressure, and building exterior concerns. TJC investigates, consults, and resolves your issues with the ease and confidence that only a professional can provide. When it comes to expansion and remodeling in particular, it is crucial that the foundation and building that the project is occurring in is sound, safe, and prepared. Part of our construction services includes building issue diagnosing and resolving. Of course, there may be some issues that are beyond our expertise and we are prepared for those as well. T. Jerulle Construction has a list of trusted professionals in all aspects of home care that we entrust to solve home pests, concerns, or damage.

Why Choose T. Jerulle Construction

At T. Jerulle Construction, we know that there is no place like home. Our team creates one-of-a-kind residences and estates that not reflect the lifestyle you crave. Every project is built to the latest and most environmentally-friendly standards. We work efficiently to create your very own space. Our custom homes are built with distinctive quality. Starting at the drawing board, we ensure that every home is unique, functional, and constructed to our high standards.

Don’t just take it from us; see a few of our projects or check out what your peers have to say on Houzz! T. Jerulle Construction is eager to make Naples even easier on the eyes. Contact us to discuss our custom home services or drop us a message!

“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”
John Wooden