Project Description


Mixed-Use Construction Services in Naples, FL

T. Jerulle Construction knows it is not a matter of build it and they will come. Mixed-use projects, town centers and infill developments have to be aesthetically pleasing to the public while giving resident’s their privacy. We work with developers and municipalities to ensure the project is also a perfect fit for the surrounding community.

There is no right way to build custom buildings and mixed-use creations are certainly in a league of their own. Bringing together residential home along with retail and commercial construction, mixed-use properties require a firm understanding of construction, layout, and design. T. Jerulle Construction is pleased to be experienced in all aspects of the industry to create and achieve the delicate balance between work and home in one area.

At. T. Jerulle Construction, our team of experts design based on innovation and ideas. Using the best practices and premiere stylistic designs, TJC build mixed-use properties that fulfill the needs of all parties involved. Mixed-use properties are a staple of the community for residential needs as well as economic needs. We say, why not both! Mixing the two is a beneficial way to create enough space for business owners and residents. T. Jerulle Construction is your team for these facilities. Count on us to uphold our rigorous standards and exceed the expectations of residents and commercial owners.