“Beauty is the harmony of purpose and form.”
Alvar Aalto

T. Jerulle Construction builds spaces where people can build their lives. Whether you’re raising a family by the beach or have finally started that small business you’ve always dreamed of, our team is building luxurious spaces to thrive in.

We are proud southwest Florida residents that build custom homes in Naples as well as commercial properties.

We understand that it’s not just a building; it’s a vision, a statement, a symbol of your place in the community.

Is your home in need of an update? Is your office space not what you hoped it’d be? Don’t suffer with poor designs and a space you don’t absolutely love. Make your home or office yours.

Types of Properties

Our team is dedicated to variety. We believe that every building, be it a residential property or communal space, has the opportunity to include intricate detail within its architecture. We spend our lives in these spaces; shouldn’t they reflect the joy that occurs inside it.

Our portfolio is as vast as it is impressive. We provide architectural services for Residential and Commercial properties, such as:

Residential Projects

Commercial Projects

Custom Homes

There’s no place like home, especially in southwest Florida.

Even after being southwest Florida residents for years, we are still enamored and inspired by the natural landscape of this gorgeous diamond on the Gulf Coast of Mexico.
Our team builds custom homes in Naples that reflect the beauty of our fair city. We create one-of-a-kind, single-family residences and estates that not only reflect you and your lifestyle but are built to the newest and most environmentally friendly standards. We work efficiently to create your very own space. Our custom homes are built with distinctive quality.

Starting at the drawing board, we ensure that every home is unique, functional, and constructed to our high standards. Watch your dream become a reality, one brick at

Construction Services

Each project is unique and T. Jerulle Construction treats them as such. No matter the scale of the construction, our team ensures affordability, excellent workmanship, and superior methods to give you a home to be proud of. T. Jerulle Construction is home to some of the greatest industry minds in design, construction, and technique. This one-of-a-kind blend gives our company the chance to see the whole picture and view each project at every angle.

T. Jerulle Construction understands the issues that can come along with building constructions and we are prepared to diagnose and resolve your building concerns. Our diagnostic team is trained and experienced in building issues such as; HVAC issues, damaging leaks, air movement/air pressure, and building exterior concerns. Our team investigates, consults, and resolves your issues with the ease and confidence that only a professional can provide.

When it comes to expansion and remodeling in particular, it is crucial that the foundation and building that the project is occurring in is sound, safe, and prepared. Part of our construction services includes building issue diagnosing and resolving. Of course, there may be some issues that are beyond our expertise and we are prepared for those as well. T. Jerulle Construction has a list of trusted professionals in all aspects of home care that we entrust to solve home pests, concerns, or damage.

Meet Your Home Building Team

Our team has a collective 80 years of experience in residential and commercial construction. Building homes for people to build live in is our passion. There’s nothing that can compare to the satisfaction of a job well done and a complex project seen through.

T. Jerulle Construction is eager to make Naples even easier on the eyes. Contact us to discuss our services or drop us a message!

“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”
John Wooden