You’ve recently bought a new home, but it doesn’t quite feel like home yet. That’s simply because it’s bare. Add personality to your new home to really flesh out the coziness. Carve out the details in every room by considering the structure, windows [lighting], and size. Jump into the mind of an interior designer and bring life to your new home.

Let us help you!

We’ve compiled our years of experience to bring you five ways that you can start to personalize your new home.

1. Paint the Walls

Painting your home is best when you first buy. Why? Because you haven’t brought in the furniture. Take advantage of the free space and paint the walls of your home for a little splash of color.

Some choose not to paint every wall in the room. You can always opt for painting one wall to accent the tone of it.

Paint can be used in a variety of ways to increase the vibe of a room. You can deepen the tone of a room by using different shades of the same color. Painting floorboards white will help the color pop out a little more. The white also serves to contrast darker colors, helping the room appear clean-cut and professional!

2. Hang Up Pictures in Your New Home

The best way to make a home feel like home is to add a few family portraits. Wedding photos, baby portraits, and graduation ceremonies are excellent choices with which to align your walls. Don’t forget to consider the frames as well.

Picture frames can be intricate in design or customized to various sizes and colors. The trendiest style for picture frames is the collage frame. It’s a hot item on Pinterest because it’s affordable, aesthetically pleasing, and fits various pictures, so you don’t have to pick from your favorite memories!

3. Switch up light fixtures

In recent years, there has been an explosion of creative light fixture ideas. It seems a shame not to switch up indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures to accommodate new trends and chic designs! You can change the lighting fixture in any part of your new home. Add a gorgeous chandelier over your dining room table. Give a fairytale feel to your front yard with a three-light post lamp.

4. Choose the right blinds and curtains

Some like having just curtains. Other like having just blinds. Is it stylish to pair the two?

Don’t get lost in the vast world of curtains and blinds; let us shed some light!

While some say there are many do’s and don’ts to curtains and blinds, we think that you ought to have fun. Following a structure is great, but don’t get stuck in a rigid scheme. After all, at the end of the day, it’s important that it feels right for you.

Curtains come in various sizes, lengths, and panels. Be sure to read up on how many panels come in set to avoid costly curtains.

The curtain rod is also a chance to exercise your creative mind! If you’ve run dry, don’t fret. There’s plenty of inspiration to manifest the perfect set.

5. Create a Cozy Corner

In the hustle of daily life, sometimes you want some alone time. The best way to personalize a new home is to make a private, cozy corner to escape.

A plush recliner or a vintage writing desk is the perfect element for a peaceful getaway spot!

Kickback your feet, and scroll mindless through your social media feeds after a long day at work. You can always add in a bookcase of your favorite novels, or a prized collection of seashells.

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